Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park is Pet-Friendly!

We understand that your pets are part of your family. Bring your cats and dogs with you to the resort.

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Please take note of our pet policies:

  • A non-refundable fee of P1,500.00 is charged per pet per night, inclusions as follows:
    • Dog bed
    • Food and water bowls
    • Disposable poop scooper and poop bag
    • 2 pcs diapers
    • Maintenance fee
  • Only one pet will be allowed per room.
  • Pet not registered is charged P3,000.

Oceania Swim & Splash Park
  • No limit on the number of pets.
  • Pet owner should bring their own poop scooper and poop bag.
  • Diapers, poop scooper and poop bag are available for sale at the Oceania entrance.

Terms and Conditions
  • Only pets weighing less than 15 kg. are allowed to be checked in at the hotel.
  • All pets must be on a leash or pet carrier when outside of the hotel room. Maximum length of the leash is 4 feet.
  • Please do not leave your pets unattended. Should this be necessary, pets must be put in their respective carriers.
  • Pet owners must present an updated vaccine record of the pet before hotel check-in. The resort has the right to refuse lodging to pets that have not been vaccinated, or whose owners failed to present the proper records.
  • Pet owners must clean up after their pet(s).
  • Pet noise must be kept at a minimum. Excessive barking is not allowed. The resort has the right to make alternative lodging arrangements for the pet(s) in the interest of the comfort of other guests.
  • Pet owners are solely liable for all damages to property or injuries to persons caused by their pet(s).
  • Pets are not allowed to use hotel towels.
  • Pets are not allowed in air-conditioned restaurants, at the swimming pools, inside changing/shower rooms, at the Splash Park, Island Aviary and Interactive Gameroom.
  • All guests intending to bring in their pets must first sign an undertaking with Island Cove signifying agreement to the above rules.

If you plan to bring your pet(s) to Island Cove, please download the form by clicking the button below, sign and present this upon check-in.

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